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It is not uncanny to have tons of queries in mind before you decide on taking an erotic massage for the very first time. There are certain questions that always titillate your senses and make you uncomfortable for taking an erotic massage service. Here we make a friendly attempt to answer some of the common questions that individual face.

1. Is the tip necessary?

Well, there are no such written rules whether you need to tip your masseuse or not. Your masseuse will never request for a tip you have taken service from a genuine service provider. But in case that you wish to give your masseuse some tip in favor of her awesome service, you can give a 20% tip. Make sure that you pay your masseuse in an envelope. This is the minimum etiquettes that make you an ideal client in front of your masseuse.

2. How much you should uncover yourself?

It depends on the type of erotic massage you are taking. There are certain massages which urge you to remove all your clothes and are usually done on a naked body. But when you are taking traditional erotic massage, it depends on you on how much cloth you wish to remove.

3. Do you need to go for a parlor session before taking erotic massage?

Not so. Your hairy legs will not disturb your masseuse. Going for waxing or shaving is really not necessary before an erotic session. But be sure to have a shower before lying on the bed as that cleans off all the germs and dirt and make you more presentable in front of your masseuse.

4. Is conversation with your masseuse is necessary?

You invest in a session of erotic massage for having relaxation and fun. So it completely depends on you on the way how you wish to spend it. Some really wish to take a short nap while the tempestuous hands show their miracle on clients’ body. In the same time, there are certain who love to talk with their masseuse. If you are of the second category then it’s absolutely ok. Talk to her and mention how you are feeling in the session or what else you will love to have.

5. What if I fell asleep in the session?

This session is meant for your relaxation. So if you feel asleep or snore that is absolutely ok.

Be comfortable with your masseuse and talk on every issue that you face in the session.

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