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#TRENDING: Bell Sleeves

#TRENDING: Bell Sleeves

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I have been absolutely obsessed with Bell Sleeves lately. Whether it is on an off the shoulder top, crop top, sweater, jacket, or dress, they provide just the right amount of fun to your typical basics. I feel like lately I have seen this trend on every fashion blogger ever, so I guess they really are #trending.

#Trending: Bell Sleeves

Photo By: Jimmy Trieu

Why I Love Bell Sleeves:

They just seem to add the right amount of feminine touch to items, without ever being too overboard. Plus, normally anything with lots of extra fabric is enough to lose a tiny frame rather quickly, but Bell Sleeves don’t have that same effect #Winning.

Bell sleeves and sunglasses

Photo By: Jimmy Trieu

I am guilty of always playing with my long sleeve items, and there is something I find so cozy about being able to wrap my sleeves up in my hands (Weird? Maybe. Do I care? Nope). Perhaps it is that my hands are always cold, so the additional fabric is something beneficial in my mind, but I count this as a major win for these girly sleeves.

The perfect bell sleeve dress

Photo By: Jimmy Trieu

PLUS, who doesn’t wanna wear the trend being rocked by all your favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers? I mean… Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, and Elizabeth Olsen have all been rocking this super cute trend. I love when I find a trend that is so easy (and affordable) to replicate from celebs.



bell sleeves fall 2017

Photo By: Jimmy Trieu

Where to Wear Bell Sleeves:

Everywhere. Okay, so maybe not to the gym or work if you are washing dishes, but this trend is the perfect addition to nearly every outfit and every occasion. Going to a coffee shop to study? Bell Sleeves. Going to dinner with the girls? Bell Sleeves. Going to a super cute art museum? Bell Sleeves. Catching my vibe here? Pair with jewelry and a cute pair of jeans and you are ready for anything.

How to wear bell sleeves

Photo By: Jimmy Trieu

BUT WAIT, How Do I Find the Perfect Item with Bell Sleeves?

Don’t worry, I have a few of my favorites linked here for you to shop as simply as possible, because if you are anything like me, you wanted these fancy sleeves in your closet like yesterday, and for some reason they haven’t magically appeared yet

What do you think of the Bell Sleeve trend?



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