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Mastering Your Time ft. Jord

Mastering Your Time ft. Jord

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As the school year begins, everyone seems focused on time: scheduling, goal setting, and furthering our personal values during this time. Now that it is week 4, those same concepts already begin to slip. Why? What makes it so easy to forget all the plans we had just made? Life happens. A test is coming up. A project deadline is quickly approaching.  The water heater needs to be fixed. You have to go to work. You have to go to class. The days are passing. We settle into our daily requirements and fail to move beyond them.

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It is important to recognize that reminders matter when it comes to our personal progress. How do you keep track of your time? How do you stay on track of those goals? How do you focus on the things you value most?  One way I have been staying on top of my time is my watch from Jord. Not only is my watch from Jord a beautiful, detailed piece, individually handcrafted for me, it has a little something special.


My watch has been engraved with a quote special to me, to serve as a reminder of my daily goals. The case back of my watch states, “She believed she could, so she did.” Since a very young age I have struggled with anxiety, and often convince myself of all the things I cannot do. The engraving of my watch serves as a reminder that I can if I work towards my goal. It serves as a reminder of my values of progress and hard work. All in one small piece that I can hold onto for a lifetime.


Having something that serves as a physical reminder of overarching goals has reminded me of the value of my time, and what it can be utilized for. The things I get to do, to push myself towards my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  These little bits of time, our daily requirements, all amount to the same time that helps us reach our bigger picture, whatever it may be.

Many items we wear hold little meaning past our surface level reasoning of enjoying the color or style of an item. Jord’s wooden watches are already a conversation starter with their original designs and refined aesthetic, but why not give a greater meaning to the things we wear? Add your goals and motivations into your daily life by engraving an item intended to keep you on track.


To help you stay on top of your goals, I have partnered with my friends at Jord to giveaway a $100 giftcard to pick out your own customized timepiece to stay on track. Not to mention, you get $25 off just by entering. To enter, just click here. (Jord features watches for both men and women!)

What are your goals and how do you stay on track to reach them? Comment below!


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