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Buy Yourself the Flowers

Buy Yourself the Flowers

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We have all been there. A few weeks post break-up with our head spinning as to why this whole “moving on” thing seems to be taking so long. I had spent weeks moping, being lazy, and feeling sorry for myself. After a tough break-up, it was time to remember who I was on my own. It was time to let it go.


This summer was a period of growth for me that I hope to expand on even further. It started with a simple question that seemed to constantly be on my mind. “What do I do with myself?” The problem for me was, I had all these plans in my head for what my summer would have been like with someone. I decided to do something different and carried through with all of those crazy plans I had made in my head, alone.


Sometimes, someone else is there to pick you up; but sometimes, you buy yourself the flowers. I packed up (rather spontaneously) and headed back home to Kansas City for some much-needed family time and a lot of alone time. That alone time began with a nine-hour drive listening to all my favorite songs and screaming at the top of my lungs (like everyone does, obviously) while I planned all the steps for a perfect summer, alone.


Those steps included everything from dinner by myself and finding my way around a new city, to planning a five-day beach vacation for me, myself, and I (that I, unfortunately, was unable to take). Along the way, I remembered how much of my time used to be just for me. I realized that dating myself may be the right path to follow.


Hear me out. You do not need someone to go with you to get coffee. To check out that new dinner place you have been dying to try. To have a luxurious day lounging around, or to bring you home flowers. You can do it all for yourself. No, it doesn’t mean you are lonely or have no friends. It means you can appreciate the solitude of your own presence, and you will wait until you find someone who can do the same.


So, buy yourself the flowers. Take yourself to dinner. Enjoy dating yourself for a little bit, whether you are dating someone else or not, a little “me-time” never hurt anyone.

What is your favorite way to indulge in a little “me-time?” Let me know in the comments!

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